Here are simple steps to start earn:

No need knowledge it is Automatic Robot Trading no need humam interferen.

Choose the Broker Select an broker, and Create Account from here


or any preferred broker you like in the  world, please inform us and we will provide our IB link and then you can create account. When open an Account, The broker will supply you all the  necessary online documents. please fulfill all  detail, and upload your id proof and address proof.

Fund the Account, The minimum deposits vary on our fees, 2000$ and above 50:50, 5000$ and above 40:60, 10000$ and above 30:70 however, you can fund with a higher deposit if you want.

We charge our fees, only on equity growth of every 100$, Watch your profit, and send our share of profit.

You will be given an access 1. Account No, 2. Server Detail, 3. Trading Station Password, to manged account to watch the performance.

VPS is must for EA trading, you will be paid monthly advance VPS charges 10$ to 15$. if your broker provide free VPS you will be send 10$ for account setting charges one time only.

  • TRADING REPORTS          Please see our Live Trading Reports
  • TRADING STYLE                Draw down (DD) Calculator and Trading style video so you know our trading style, and risk management also.

100% Secure, you can ask us to stop trading any time or withdraw the money by yourself at any moment.

All in your control, However we cannot withdraw money from your account as it is not possible with the broker. We can trade on your account, but cannot touch your money, only you can withdraw it. we operate your trading desk only, you will operate fund account, even our fees also.

Send Fees by: Skrill ID No: 58433107 email: Neteller ID No: 453324069635, Bank deposit: Ac Name: Mohamed Jaweed, Ac No: 00000032425063857, Bank name: State bank of india, IFSC: SBIN0008688

We make money on the profit share on managed accounts and as Introducing Broker. However, we are not employees nor representatives of those brokers, we are independent traders and money manager.

Risk Warning:

This products are traded on margin and carry a high level of risk and it is possible to lose all your capital. These products may not be suitable for everyone and you should ensure that you understand the risks involved.

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